Video Introduction to BMN

The following links provide access to videos, posted on YouTube, of Anuschka Roes teaching some basic concepts of Benesh Movement Notation. In these videos Anuschka is teaching in a classical ballet context using Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) terminology.

Lesson 1 (approx. 15 mins.) covers the basic signs of in front, level, and behind and how these signs are placed on the stave to show the positions of the hands and feet:

Lesson 2 (approx. 11 mins.) covers how to notate feet flat, demi-pointe, and full pointe on the floor line; and closing in “3rd”, “5th”, and “1st” positions of feet:

Lesson 3 (approx. 14 mins.) covers how to use the basic signs to show bent elbows and knees; and basic contact signs:

Lesson 4 (approx. 15 mins.) covers how to use movement lines:

Lesson 5 (approx. 10 mins.) covers how to use basic pulse beats and legato lines to show timing:

Lesson 6 (approx. 20 mins.) covers the use of sub-beats for more specific timing in simple and compound time:

The original video, from which these clips were copied, was created in 1995. We gratefully acknowledge the production assistance provided by the University of Waterloo Instructional Technologies & Multimedia Services Offices (formerly Audio Visual). Special thanks to Scott Charles.