Why Learn BMN

Reasons For Learning Benesh Movement Notation

Modified from: Benesh International

Learning BMN allows you:

  • to enhance the understanding of movement vocabulary
  • to develop observational skills
  • to acquire an efficient tool for recording human movement
  • to communicate movement accurately and unambiguously
  • to read dance syllabi recorded in BMN
  • to prepare for rehearsals by learning roles directly from BMN
  • to gain access to the library of scores available for educational use
  • to use choreographic scores as a resource for academic research
  • to use as a tool of analysis in different socio-cultural environments

For Professional Dance Notators BMN allows you:

  • to become a valuable part of the artistic team in a dance company
  • to work with the renowned choreographers of our time
  • to work alongside professional dancers in the studio
  • to become a custodian of our dance heritage
  • to protect choreographic copyright
  • to travel the world taking choreographic works to new audiences